Allegra is the unique collection created by Jacques Cavallier, the master perfumer put his passion and art into crafting the Bvlgari Allegra eaux de parfums and Magnifying essences.
BVLGARI ALLEGRA, meaning “joyful” in Italian, is the new personalized fragrance experience through magnifying, sublimating the colourful and superlative Italian emotions, from the energizing connection with the Italian nature to the excitement going to the most magnificent celebration, crafted with exclusive ingredients. Bvlgari Allegra design starts with a bold design, an expression of Bulgari as a jeweller. Each bottle awakens the colour and joyous emotions of the Italian lifestyle, while leading into a unique olfactive journey.
Step 1: Choose your preferred perfume
– Dolce Estasi: evokes a delicious return to childhood memories in a dreamy floral gourmand fragrance. A soothing powdery floral that transports you to an Italian pasticceria, recalling youthful memories of enjoying delectable Italian pastries.
– Spettacolare: A contrasted oriental signature that incarnates the enchantment of the magic and beauty of “La Festa Della Luce”
– Rive Solare: This is the endless Italian holiday.A sparkling citrus to embody the energising excitement of a ride on the Mediterranean Sea
– Rock N Rome: Like the emotion of a rendezvous in Rome. A liquorous floriental expressing the fulfilment of being together on a Roman terrace
– Fiori D’amore: It is a red rose – fresh, velvety, fruity. A magnificent floral expressing the loving exaltation of receiving a giant bouquet of roses
– Fantasia Veneta: It is the height of Italian sophistication in a perfume. A festive chypre to embody the jubilation of the most incredible Italian festa
– Baciami or Kiss me: An intoxicating floral ambery, a love potion that conjures a deep desire to evoke Italian seduction
– Passeggiata: Invite to take a walk around the city and to stroll delightfully. It radiates the flamboyant scents of an extraordinary flower, blossoming as much morning as evening: ylang-ylang, which shines at the heart of the fragrance.
Step 2: Personalize your fragrance with a magnifying essence
Inspired by the preciousness of the essences they encapsulate, the Magnifying flacons feature an all-white silhouette. Personalise your fragrance experience with the Magnifying Essences.
– Magnifying Bergamot Essence
– Magnifying Musk Essence
– Magnifying Patchouli Essence
– Magnifying Rose Essence
– Magnifying Vanilla Essence
– Magnifying Myrrh Essence
Design for Sustainability
As a tribute to the art of glass making, 96% of the Bvlgari Allegra Eau de Parfum 100ml & 50ml bottle is made of glass.
Bvlgari Allegra’s outer packaging on both the Eau de Parfum and Magnifying ranges is made with 100% responsibly sourced cardboard. 80% of the box is composed of material derived from recycled sources and regenerated material.
Customized Sensorial Experience with generative Ai
In Istanbul Airport, a generative AI (artificial intelligence) experience features at the centre of the pop-up to transport travellers to an immersive and interactive world, which blends scents, sights and sounds to bring the Allegra collection to life.
A mixing console turns customers into DJs as they create their own ideal combination of a Bvlgari Allegra Eau de Parfum and Magnifying Essence.
The experience culminates with personalised generative audio and video artwork that is distinctive for each user.
Personalized with style
Customers can choose from an exclusive selection of Maxi Shelley silks to personalize their Bvlgari Allegra fragrances, opening a rainbow of styling opportunities. Each fragrance can be personalised by adding ‘Magnifying Essences’, including Rose, Bergamot, Patchouli, Vanilla and Musk.
The Bvlgari Maxi Shelley silks are 100% made at the brand’s own silk atelier in Lake Como and celebrate both Italian artistry and Bvlgari’s silk craftsmanship and heritage.Following their unique creative philosophy, the Maxi Shelly has been created with the highest craftsmanship by their own artisans in the exclusive silk ateliers in the north of Italy.
They are colourful, emotional, playful and very joyful. Our clients will be able to express their emotions either by wearing them on their hair, decoratively to complement their fashion looks and to accessorise themselves.

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