Air pollution is getting more severe nowadays, rising of air purifier demands or pollution protection are clearly noticed with the new launch of product claims. Consumers are more concerns about air quality as one of their top concerns. The claim benefits for disinfectant, anti-virus and anti-bacteria are the priority in new products launch.
What products benefits which Thai consumers expected to get from car fragrance there are the followings:
45% Made with natural ingredients
40% Improve the respiratory system
39% prefer anti-virus or anti-bacteria in Air
31% prefer automatic disinfectant spray
Thai customers insight I for car fragrance market is car fragrance consumers need good air quality and enhancing the cleanliness in car
50% of Thai consumers are loyal to the car fragrance brand
47% of the car fragrance user interested in anti-virus or anti-bacteria in the air
37% interested in automatic air disinfectant in car
Who is the Thai loyal customers for car fragrance market?
54% in the age between 25-44 years old
60% live in urban
29% mid income earner between 20,001-35,000 THB
25% posses the financial stability
42% live with the life partner
36% live with children
65% have full time work
Thai customers insight II Thai consumers expect air freshener coming with health benefits. Air Refreshment Spray is the most popular category for Thai Market.
22% of Thai consumers found that it’s difficult to have the same favorite scent for the whole family
35% don’t like the traditional car fragrance which is made of toxic chemical
31% of Thai prefer automatic air purifier
43% agreed that air quality is one of top 3 concerns in environmental issues

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